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Phone: (216) 273-1044
Hours of Operation
Monday: 9AM - 7PM ·  Tuesday: 9AM - 5PM ·  Wednesday: 9AM - 7PM ·  Thursday: 9AM - 5PM ·  Friday: 9AM - 3PM ·  Saturday: 9AM - Noon  ·  Sunday: closed
Phone: (216) 273-1044
Walk-in Vaccine Clinic Hours

Full-Care Clinic
By appointment only. Same-day appointments are available
15541 Snow Road
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  Surgical and Dental Procedures

Here at Community Vet we offer affordable options for spay and neuter as well as dental procedures. We do this by dedicating one day a week for dentals and another day for spays and neuters. This allows us to optimize the use of our resources and staff without decreasing the quality of care for our patients. Our patients safety and care is our number one priority!

* Dental procedures require a consultation with one of our Veterinarians. This will allow us to give you a more accurate estimate for what you can expect.

Routine Services

Full consultation — Time with the veterinarian to address your questions or concerns & create comprehensive treatment plan for your pet.


Toe nail trims with consultation, vaccines, or tech visit


Anal glands with consultation, vaccines, or tech visit


Toe nail trims & Anal glands with consultation, vaccines, or tech visit


Tech visit — If your pet has been seen within the last year and the visit is approved by one of our veterinarians, some services can be administered by one of our registered Vet Techs without the need for a full consultation.


Spay & Neuter Procedures

Price includes pain medication to be used at home as well as a follow-up exam scheduled 10-14 days after the procedure. Additional charges may apply for animals who are obese, in heat, pregnant, or have a disease or other problem with their reproductive system.

For the safety of pets over 5 years old, a comprehensive consultation with the veterinarian will be required prior to performing the procedure.


Spay (Females)
Neuter (Males)
small dog

Small (Up to 30 lbs.)



medium dog

Medium (31 - 60 lbs.)



large dog

Large (61 - 90 lbs.)



extra large dog

Extra Large (91 lbs. and up)




Spay (Females)
Neuter (Males)
it is a cat

Any size



paw in hand

Vaccines & Wellness Tests

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